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heater SW with switch

Budget line SW of SunWay metal heaters. The kit includes a bracket for mounting the heater on the wall. For greater efficiency, the heater is recommended to hang on the wall, but if you wish, you can install a mobile support on wheels that can be purchased separately. Available in three different sizes and capacities, respectively. The case of the heater is covered with two-layer powder paint.

The heater has a switch for easy operation. In the on mode, the panel consumes static 300 watts per hour. If necessary, you can separately purchase a thermostat.

heaters SWRE with thermostat

SWRE series - SunWay metal heaters with thermostat. As a standard, the heater is equipped with a bracket for mounting on the wall, it is also possible to purchase additionally a support on wheels. Available in three different sizes and capacities, respectively.

The panel is equipped with a dual-control thermostat. On it you can set the room temperature and the panel temperature separately. This means that you can limit the temperature of the panel front surface, while it will tend to gain the desired room temperature. If it is no need to limit the heating of the panel, it is recommended to set the panel temperature to the maximum mode at 95 degrees Celsius.

In standard all panels are equipped with a temperature regulator (not a programmator). The following is an introductory video on installing a Sunway infrared panel on a wall. An example is a panel without a thermostat - the SW series.

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