All existing heating systems actually related to two types – heating with devices or autonomous heating system. SUN WAY heaters can be used for both types and they show superiority for every system as well.

Key factors of evaluation

One time charges

expenditures for buying and installation

Monthly Costs

service expenditures

Annual costs

Costs of electricity and service


Operational time without breakage

Additional factors


Expenditures for buying and installation

Environmental friendliness

equipment maintenance costs


cost of electricity and consumables


Time of proper operation of the heater


Space heating

There are many offers in the market. They can be divided by following types: solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, warm floor, electric boilers, long-wave infrared heaters. Same time, heating systems can be assorted by the heat carrier base element: water, air, electricity.

SunWay Boiler (gas, electric, solid fuel) Warm floor Heat generator (recirculation or direct flow)
Compactness Depth / thickness from 11 mm Engineering equipment: pipes, radiators etc. Separate utility room. Installed into a floor Ventilation system, separate utility room.
Safety and environmental friendliness Does not burn oxygen. Does not dry the air. Does not raise dust. Fireproof. First class electrical insulation. Burns oxygen. Dries the air. Flammable. Produces dangerous carbon monoxide Does not burn oxygen. Does not dry the air. Does not raise dust. Fireproof. Dries the air. Burns oxygen. Raises dust.
Warranty and lifetime Warranty period is 5 years, real lifetime - 30 years Warranty and service period from 1 year up to 5 years Warranty and service period from 3 year up to 10 years Warranty and service period from 3 year up to 7 years
The price of equipment for heating 100 m2 $350 $900 $715 – $1250 $900-$1800
Costs per month $35 $50 $70 $65

If local heating is required, there is often a choice between heater options. The need to purchase a seasonal heater usually arises suddenly and you need to satisfy this need as quickly as possible. In everyday life, the most common: Infrared panels, Convectors, Oil heaters, Fan heaters. Longwave infrared panels are predominantly ahead of their competitors. They do not dry the air, are compact, fit beautifully into the design, inexpensive to buy, quiet, etc.

Final advantages of infrared heating

Money saving

Easy to mount

Long warranty period

longest real lifetime

Does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air.

Does not produce any noise



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