Health friendly heating

Scientist have proven many times that long infrared waves are absolutely not harmful for human body and favored for health. Withal the waves make positive influence on the houseplants. Long infrared waves are widely used for medical purposes as example – recreation, relaxing and skin treatment etc.

Stone therapy

In the Second millennium BC in China stone therapy was invented. Thanks to Tibetan monks, stone therapy, had become art of treatment with warmed stones. Genghis Khan’s army had brought this kind of treatment across whole Continent.


Stove heating

At the same time, on the territory of Ukraine and Russia, when building houses, the population first of all erected the so-called "Russian stove", which in fact is nothing more than an "infrared heater for the whole house." And each of us remembers how great it is to bask in the winter evening on the "couch".



Already in modern times, in 1965, Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa of Fuji Medical developed and patented heating elements for infrared saunas. Today, many of us have them in our private homes or use them in sports clubs.



And already quite modern solutions are infrared lamps, which are used in medicine. The device heats up a separate part of the body, helping the body to overcome illness or pain. Infrared radiation is prescribed as physical therapy for treatment of joints, with bruises and sprains, since metabolic processes in tissues are accelerated and stimulate their healing and recovery.


The infrared heating usage nowadays

Infrared waves have got widespread usage in present time. Long infrared waves are widely used for medical purposes as example – recreation, relaxing and skin treatment, because they are favored for health.

Longwave infrared radiation make following effects on body:

  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Rises mental activity
  • Improves metabolism
  • kills fungi and germs
  • Helps to the skin regeneration
  • Drives toxins and heavy metals out of body

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