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What opportunities do our dealers have?

To be our dealer —
means to bring warmth to people and comfort in their homes and offices, at the same time ensuring savings of the client's funds at all stages ( from sales to daily operation).

Partnership will allow you to take your business to a new level

The partnership will provide you with a long-term job in a rapidly growing market.

Being our dealer means having guarantees of continuous development and prosperity of Your business.

Why Teploceramic and Sunway?

Brand that customers are interested in

Use OUR brand to build YOUR business
Teploceramic and Sunway are brands that are known and beloved by the most of consumers.
Teploceramic is a leading manufacturer in the European and world market of infrared heating. Working with us is a guarantee of high sales due to high brand awareness.

A team of your assistants.

Our managers and engineers are always in touch, providing you with constant support. Dealers are provided with qualified assistance in all matters related to the sale, installation, calculation and installation of products. As well as on issues related to the use and promotion of products in the domestic market.

Affordable price + high quality.

The products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and appearance requirements. All product lines look stylish and refined. At the same time, our products are aimed at the mass buyer, which ensures you high sales.

Support in advertising and product promotion

We provide printing of advertising products: banners, stickers, catalogs. We provide stands for placing products in the sales area. It is possible to get product samples. We provide assistance in preparing content for online stores: video materials, product photos, interior photos, technical specifications, articles and informational materials.

The best price and greatest margins.

Your margin is at the level of 200-300% of the purchase price. Our products have a 0% import duty rate in EU countries. You get additional discounts when ordering products. Seasonal discounts and special offers are available. If the quantities are met, a dealer contract is provided with the territory assigned.

Fast service

Fast operational maintenance work. Exchange of broken panels for new ones immediately after receiving them in the warehouse. In some cases, reclamations are accepted in the form of photo/video materials, without physically receiving a faulty product. Delivery of defective products and sending replacements at our expense. When shipping with the order, large discounts on transportation are provided.

Quality assurance.

All products are certified to meet the standards and technical standards for product sales in Europe by the leading European certification organization TUV Nord. There are CE certificates of conformity, test reports, declarations of conformity. 5-year warranty, service life of more than 30 years. A product that does not require maintenance with a high margin.

Convenient ordering and delivery system.

You work directly with the manufacturer. Our production ensures that any order is ready for shipment in 5-7 business days after the request is placed and payment is received. We are located almost in the center of Europe, which allows us to ensure the shortest delivery time. Delivery takes place within 2-3 days, and transport costs for delivery to Europe are approximately 3-5 euros/panel.

You can become our partner if …

You do business and want to grow fast.

If you have the desire to grow and develop, then together we can build a business that will provide you with an income of 3-5 million euros per year.

You want to benefit people and at the same time provide yourself with a high income.

If you are sure that a real big business can be built only by bringing benefits to society - then we are on the same way. Our products, on the one hand, provide customers with savings at all stages: purchase, installation, annual service, daily operation. On the other hand, it brings a high monthly income to our partners.

Five steps to success

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You're on the team
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Advantages of the partner program

We provide you with support and help at all stages of your work. You can always rely on us and be sure of fast and high-quality help.

Training for partners

  • Informative presentations with the advantages and benefits of infrared heating.
  • Video materials on installation and use of products.
  • Training materials on model ranges.
  • nforming about new types of products (articles, videos, photos).
  • We train our partners and thus improve the overall level of qualification of personnel in the heating industry

Price policy

  • Dealer price is provided
  • Competitive price
  • Flexible discount policy depending on the purchase volume
  • Favorable seasonal offers and promotions for dealers

Ordering products

  • By e-mail - issued by managers, By phone - issued by managers, By WhatsApp/Skype/Viber

Payment and shipment of products

  • Payment to the manufacturer directly
  • Conclusion of an official Contract
  • Providing all necessary documents for transportation and customs clearance
  • Support at all stages of import operations
  • Organization of cargo delivery
  • Selection of the carrier company at the minimum rate
  • Organization of customs clearance for companies that do not have experience in import

Join the team of leaders!

  • We already work with 40 countries of the world through 100 dealers and every day the number of partners increases exponentially.
  • Infrared heating market - the most growing market is heating, which will become the leading one in the world, according to a study by German scientists.

Success stories of our partners.

Teploceramic dealers work in every region of the world. Some of them have been engaged in heating systems for many years, and some have recently entered this business. The main thing that unites them is their love for their work and professional attitude to the needs of customers.

Szkibinszkij Izabella
Business owner

"Teploceramic Hungary KFT", Budapest , Hungary
Exclusive dealer - Hungary


In 2015, we began to cooperate with the company "Teploceramic" (Ukraine). Initially, the cooperation was in the form of small wholesale purchases with an annual volume of about 100,000 euros. Over time, we saw the potential in the company and products and began to focus on sales and promotion. Since 2016, we have been preparing a business plan for sales development with our employees every year and working together to increase sales. In 2016, we have launched the TEPLOCERAMIC online store.They also began to provide services for the installation and installation of infrared heating systems. In the same year, we started working with national DIY networks. In 2017, we switched to wholesale purchases and became an exclusive dealer in Hungary. At the moment, our company is engaged in all areas that Teploceramic (Ukraine) offers, including industrial heaters SW PRO, and this provides me with a turnover of more than 5 million euros annually. The most important thing for us is that during this time the company's product portfolio has grown several times and allows us to cover absolutely all the needs of customers. I wish you success and continuous growth!
David Hladeček
Business owner

Teploceramic Česká republika, Prague, Czech Republic
Dealer - Czech Republic


Our cooperation with the manufacturer "Teploceramic" began in 2016, with small deliveries of heaters with a minimum power of 400 watts.

Despite the fact that infrared heaters were not a novelty in the Czech market, the constant improvement and expansion of the range of Teploceramic (Ukraine) significantly increased the number of our customers, allowed us to cover new markets - from offices, apartments to bathrooms, from multi-storey buildings to public and industrial premises.
Now Teploceramic Česká republika has a wide reach of customers, its own dealer network, a full range of products in stock and has the ability to fulfill any order in the shortest possible time.
The company does not stop there, there are big plans for the future ahead!

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Would you like to get the best offer?
Join Teploceramic/Sunway

Fill in the details and we will contact you!

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