Principle of operation

Infrared waves are the most power saving and efficient solution for heating. 80% of warmth is produced by infrared rays, remained 20 % is generated by convection.

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Basic structure

The core of appliance is the isolated ceramic heating unit that covered by heat conductive quartz layer which passes warmth to next layer

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Insulating heating element

In Sun way heaters, the heating cable is drawn into the mica - an insulating layer. This technology eliminates changes in the position of the heater, eliminates the possibility of short circuits and increases the level of safety.

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Infrared waves

Infrared waves emanate through the front part of the Sun way heater, which heats up all objects and people in the room.

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High moisture protection

Sun way infrared panels are certified by Ukraine and the European Union. All safety measures are followed and have a high degree of moisture protection ip 54

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Reflected heat

The back of the heater is insulated and heats up less than the front due to additional layers that reflect heat into the room

The body of the products is made of steel with a thickness of 0.85mm-1.00mm, that guaranties high reliability and durability of devices. The both sides corps are painted with two layers of powder paint. Components are baking in oven after painting, that’s why products have long term life and can be used in premises with high wetness level.

The efficiency of our infrared heaters is 99.9% - because heat is passing from the heater directly to the objects without losses. The heat is not lost for warmth up pipes and external heating systems parts. Warmth level is not dependent of external heating system breaks and damage. All consumed power is transformed into a warmth. The heaters can be mounted on the wall or placed on mobile casters. Bracket for wall mounting comes in box in standard set.


Simultaneous control of the temperature of the panel itself and the air in the room.


Additional energy savings up to 10% -15%


Individual control of your comfort.

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