SUN WAY engineers are working to create innovating products that meet all expectations of customers. Money saving, security, mobility, compactness, easy control, health favored that are SUN WAY heating systems features.

  • warm

    In the mode of maximum thermal efficiency, the heater consumes 50 W / sq.m. Heater that is equipped with thermostat saves around 40-60 % of mentioned above power.

  • Power saving and as a result - money saving, minimum 30 % in compare to other heating systems

  • Thermostat controls temperature and rases efficiency and power of heater

  • SUN WAY heaters don't eliminate oxygen in the air

  • Long waves heaters produces soft warmth that doesn't dry air and spreads smoothly

  • There is not any ventilator in heaters, so they don't make any circulation of air and dust.

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