Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install infrared heaters as the autonomous main heating system?

Sure. Many construction Companies install our infrared heaters as autonomous main heating system. There are no restrictions of the exploitation in houses or condos independently of wall and ceiling material - wood, brick, concrete and other. Devices can be used as additional heating system or as single heater.

What permissions are needed to install the infrared panel?

- To install the electric heater "SunWay" approval documentation is not required. And due to low energy consumption - there is also no need to increase the limits for electrics.

Can I install the heater by myself?

The heater is easy to install; the installation takes 5 minutes. All you need is a drill and a screwdriver. Using the real size printed scheme which comes in the box, mark points for drilling. Drill holes. Fix the brackets with 4 dowels that come in set. Fix the panel on the brackets. Done!

Can I install the heater behind the curtain / tulle?

Yes, the heater can be installed behind curtain / tulle, it’s not dangerous. But please pay attention that heating efficiency would be reduced.

Can I get burned with the heater?

Burn is not possible. The temperature of the panel does not raise more than 80 degrees Celsius - for models without a controller. The temperature of surface of models equipped with controller changes from 40 up to 95 degrees.

Does the heater cause headache?

The heater doesn't make a headache. More over long infrared waves are favored for health

Can I install a metal heater in a wet room?

Ingress Protection Rating of heaters is IP 54, that allows heaters exploitation in rooms with high humidity level. Therefore, the splashing water wouldn't make any damage for the device. The body of products is protected from the corruption with two layers of paint that burned after application. Please pay attention to wires, they must not be wet.

Why are infrared heaters save money in compare with oil heaters or convectors?

Heater efficiency is about 99.9%. Infrared waves warmth up the objects inside premise without any losses for heating air. That’s why SunWay heaters the most effective devices in power saving.

average monthly bill for the power consumption?

Savings start from 30% in compare with other heating system type. Contact seller for detailed calculation

What is the thermostat objective?

The thermostat - a control device that allows to set up and rule the temperature level and save on the power consumption. Thermostat can be of two types: built in and external.

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