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"The calculation was made for the 4th category of consumers in accordance with the" Current tariffs for electricity for the population, established in accordance with the resolution of the NEURC of Ukraine No. 220 dated February 26, 2015 (effective from March 1, 2016) "

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Before installing new heating equipment in an apartment, office, or supplementing the existing one, it is necessary to determine which panels and in what quantity will be required in each room of the house. For this, the volume of heat losses is preliminarily calculated, which requires compensation.

How much heat do you need?

The easiest way to roughly determine the amount of heat required to maintain heat is to calculate the heating by the area of ​​the room. It is imperative to take into account the power of the selected heating panels. At the same time, you should not allow overspending, so that in the end you do not pay more for electric heating in the apartment than is required.

When buying heating devices on the website, you can find out in detail the parameters of each of them. It indicates not only the power, but also the temperature of each element for the system, the area for which it is designed, and already based on these data, you can calculate how many panels and what models are needed for a particular room in a house, office.

That is, you first need to calculate how much heat is needed in the room, and only then select devices based on this number. The resulting number of panels is rounded off at the request of the owner of the house.

It is also necessary to consider the presence of all other heat sources. For example, if you have a stove that is used constantly, you can round the number of elements of the heating system down. But if an open or closed balcony adjoins the room, there are large windows, or the room is just corner, then this fate is necessary in the calculations, since they are sources of large heat losses.

Our calculator

Of course, all these calculations can be carried out independently, thoughtfully selecting and evaluating each model of the heating device, but it is much easier for the buyer to use our calculator for calculating heating in a private house or apartment.

The tool developed by our employees is intuitive and does not require any additional data. It is enough to enter the parameters of the room, including the area, type of windows, and so on. After that, the online calculator will calculate not only the required power in kilowatts, but will also assess the monthly payment for heating services of Ukrainian citizens for 4 categories of consumers. In addition, below you can choose a line of heaters that you like externally or suit for the price. The calculator will instantly show how many such devices are needed for a particular room under the specified conditions.

If you have any difficulties, it is enough to contact our manager through the form or order a call at any convenient time.

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