Infrared waves

There are two variants of warmth transferring from source to recipient in Nature: conveсtion; infrared waves. Conveсtion – the heating source warms the air, warmed air heats the objects. There are the losses of warmth in air, some warmth goes to the top of premise, some warmth goes out through the ventilation. Remained warmth heats the objects and people. The bottom of room has low temperature and the highest warmth grade at the top.

Infrared waves are spreading in room, coming through the air they are not warming up it, they are heating the objects and bodies. Infrared wave transfers into a warmth when it meets the objects surface. So, there are no losses of warmth during transiting.

As one can see the infrared waves are the most efficient way of warmth transfer. That’s why other heating systems, including convectors are not actual today. There are three types of infrared waves: short, middle and long. Exist a dependence – as higher heater’s temperature as shorter is wave.


Short infrared waves are produced by heating source that has temperature 300 degree of Celsius and higher. Short infrared waves have ability to go through the skin inside body up to 4 centimeters depth. That causes a heating of viscera. Short infrared waves are used for medical purposes, for brief time procedures.

Short infrared waves are dangerous. One of the most harmful result is drying of skin. The skin that is heated by Short infrared waves is losing humidity, next the burn happens. Short infrared waves are dangerous for eyes, and bring of the heatstroke.

long infrared waves are produced by warmth source with temperature 200 degrees and lower. Scientist have proven that long infrared waves are absolutely not harmful for human body and favored for health. Ancient kind of long infrared waves source is Russian oven. One can feel soft warmth that coming through the body when lying on the melted oven. long infrared waves are widely used for medical purposes, as example – recreation, skin treatment etc.

We offer wide range of long-wave infrared heaters models. There are three collections, models faced with metal, ceramic and glass. Heaters have working power from 300 up to 1000 watt. All products are made with modern equipment. Ever model is certified in EU.

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